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 Weather-resistant steel 



   * SABI * is the general term for metal products processed from weather-resistant steel plates using Takahashi Kogyo's unique technology as a shipbuilder.


   Takahashi Kogyo intends to make products that are used regularly for years by taking advantage of our flexible mindset cultivated as a shipbuilder, as well as material characteristics, with the idea of fusing our iron processing technology with Weather-resisaen steel's unique colour tone and weather resistance due to rust to create products with new value.
   In the past, Weather-resistant steel has been used in harsh environments, such as bridge beams, where it was hard to do maintenance. However, in recent years, this steel has been increasingly used for architectural work because it is recognized for its superior strength, weather resistance, and colour tone in the field of construction design. Furthermore, since there is a growing acceptance as products as original furniture, this steel may be use in the home in the future.   

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