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Weather-resistant steel in * SABI * products is characterized by its unique rust color.
 Right after purchasing these products, the rust adheres to hands or clothing like ordinary rust generated from iron plates. In addition, rusty water also flows out due to rain. However, unlike ordinary steel plate, the protective rust is gradually generated by the steel, thus the colour tone starts to stabilize, and then the rust stops adhering even if it is contacted and rusty water also stops flowing out.
 Although it depends on the environment, it takes approximately two or three months until the steel reaches this state. After that, its surface colour becomes more stable and gets darker.
 Scratching this steel strongly with something hard or using it in places out of the sun when its protective rust is unstable may make the colour tone of rust uneven.
 However, such variation in colour will become less obvious over time. Based on such points of attention, please enjoy the colours of Weather-resistant steel and their variations.   


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   Weather-resistant steel is a material that generates protective rust to prevent further corrosion. To form the protective rust, proper drying and wetting must be repeated. Therefore, spraying water with a spray gun onto the surface is effective for the generation of protective rust. In addition, the formation of protective rust is promoted by exposure to the sun.
 When using this steel indoors, we recommend exposure to sunlight outdoors. In addition, although washing initial rust away is effective for subsequent generation of protective rust, please take care not to leave brush marks when rubbing with a brush.   

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