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< What is Weather-resistant steel? >


   Weather-resistant steel is with that inhibits corrosion, a weakness of iron, with precise protective rust generated through addition of copper, nickel, and chrome, which are weather-resistant elements to iron steel. Since this steel is weather resistant for long periods without rust-preventive coatings using organic solvent paint, this environmentally friendly ecological product has an expected service life of over 200 years under proper circumstances.
  The protective rust unique to Weather-resistant steel is generated through the combination with oxygen in the air and the absorption of atmospheric moisture and repetitive wetting and drying.  Although this steel displays the reddish brown colour at first, the surface colour tone gradually changes from brown to dark brown. The distinctive colours of Weather-resistant steel brings a deep flavor to our unique processing technology and design. The colours harmonize well with nature and the chic colour tone enjoys popularity for use in gardening as well as interior decorating.
 In recent years, this steel has also been accepted and widely used in Russia and Eastern Europe as an environmentally friendly material.

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